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Glorious Outreach Int'l Ministries is a fivefold training ministry that started in the home of Apostle Gloria Gordon. It has grown in many ways to accommodate & serve our communities and many places abroad. This ministry is built upon prayer and faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. GOIM is the "umbrella" for many areas of ministry such as the following: The church is The Eagle's Nest 5fold Training Ministry Led by Pastor Brian & 1st Lady Prophetess Kesha Barrett; God's Intentions Marriage & Relationship Counseling Ministry; Beyond the Veil Intercessory Ministry w/ Evangelist Calandra Barrett; G.L.O. Kidz Youth Ministry; P.U.S.H. Outreach Ministry w/ Evangelist Alicia Gordon; Snippets w/ Shay with Evangelist Sharon Barrett; UNLEASHED Prophetic Training w/ Prophetess Kesha Barrett; N.I.L. Men's Ministry w/ Pastor Brian Barrett, and many more. We have weekly Bible Class, Leadership Training Reclaim the Temple & Men's, Friday Night & General Intercessory Prayer Sessions.

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